What about the nurse practitioners that work for PediaQ? Who are they? What kind of experience do they have?


The Senior Nurse Practitioners at PediaQ have a combined experience as practitioners in pediatrics of over 15 years and pediatric nursing experience of over 30 years.  All PediaQ nurse practitioners must have over 2 years of practitioner experience in pediatrics and 5 years is preferred. All of the practitioners have Masters degrees and several have doctoral degrees.

What sets the PediaQ nurse practitioner apart is the love of pediatrics and the competency level. All practitioners are screened through vigorous background checks and the Nurse Practitioner Database (NPDB).  They are also Pediatric Advanced Life Support certified (PALS). In addition, PediaQ certified nurse practitioners receive an intense orientation and skills training to become Q Certified.

The best part of being a PediaQ nurse practitioner is having the time to be thorough in assessing the children, having time to educate the families, and having a flexible schedule. 

PediaQ nurse practitioners have a supervisory physician they can call for questions at any time, and who reviews their care according to Texas Medical Board guidelines. PediaQ works closely with the medical community and your pediatrician will receive a summary of each visit.

In summary, having a highly educated, competent and fully vetted nurse practitioner come to your home to care for your child is an easy decision for any parent to make.