What is it like from a parent’s perspective to call PediaQ when you have a child who is sick?

BY LINDA STEVENSON, PhD, RN, FNP-C, PediaQ Senior Nurse Practitioner

You are not sure if you want to use PediaQ, you have read the reviews from other mom’s on Facebook and it sounds wonderful. You can stay at home, you don’t have to put your sick child in the car and head to an urgent care center or the ER; you don’t have to wake your other children up (if they were sleeping) to come with you; and you don’t have to expose your sick child to other illnesses.

The very qualified and experienced Q Certified nurse practitioner will call you within 10 minutes of making a request. You tell the nurse practitioner what is happening with your child and after hanging up they arrive within 30 to 45 minutes. Usually the practitioner will give you an estimated time for arrival. You get to wait in the comfort of your home, while keeping your child comfortable and feeling secure.

When the practitioner arrives they are very professional, know how to interact with a sick child and listen to what you tell them about your child’s condition. They come into your home for a brief period, assess and diagnose your child and then they are gone. You’ll know what to do to get your child well, have a prescription if necessary, or know what over the counter medicine to purchase.

One of the things the Q Certified nurse practitioner can do is to go and pick-up the prescription for you.  This is a great service and makes such a difference if you are unable for one reason or another to get the prescription yourself. This is particularly helpful at night if you have a spouse who travels, or if the weather is awful and you don’t know when you will be able to get to the pharmacy but you want your child to be treated as soon as possible.

Still not sure, talk to your pediatrician. PediaQ is there to support the individual pediatrician’s practice when they are not open. Many pediatricians recommend PediaQ to their parents. They are sent a summary of the visit so they are aware your child was ill and the treatment they received. PediaQ also recommends that you follow-up with your pediatrician after the visit.